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Who is Pavel Rada?

Who is Pavel Rada?

I’ll start off by telling you that I LOVE boys – and I LOVE men! In a way I’m bisexual – but not with woman, just boys AND men!

I was born in Prague but when I was young my parents, my two older brothers and I moved to Canada. It was there that I had my first sexual experience with one of my friends from school and man was it GREAT! We fooled around all the time and when I moved back to Prague with my family when I was fifteen I picked up again – but this time I didn’t restrict myself to just one friend. Throughout my teen years in Prague I slept with hundreds of boys and a few men, although I never really thought of myself as a slut. It was just so natural for two boys to have sex – at least I felt that way, and I still feel that way. My lust for boys (and men) continues to this day and when I’m not having sex, I’m looking for it on the internet or in the bars and cafes around Prague.

I was a jock (and still am :), playing football (American soccer) and hockey throughout my whole life. Now I play more tennis and go skiing but still enjoy kicking around a ball or shooting a puck from time to time. Oddly enough it was through sports that I met almost all the boys that I fucked around with as a boy. Almost all the boys I sucked or fucked or just fooled around with were and are straight. God most of them are even married now.

But the great thing about my country is that there are no religious hang ups about sex or ‘morality’. I put morality in quotes because claiming that sex is immoral could not be more immoral in and of itself! What is more natural and beautiful than sex? And boys in my country are always willing to try something once, even if it’s something they’re pretty sure they’re not gonna like. So it was always so easy for me to say a few words and the next thing you know we’re fucking in his parents garage or behind the school – anywhere as long as we were able to cum. That’s about all that mattered in those days.

I got my first computer when I was 19 and loved understanding how it worked. I dabbled in a little programming but mostly enjoyed playing video games with my friends – games that more often than not ended up with use cumming inside each other! I first heard about the internet when I was 23 and working as a bartender in Prague and it wasn’t long after that before I got hooked! I would spend hours surfing around looking for porn and looking for guys to hook up with for some hot sex.

It was actually a friend of mine who suggested the idea of setting up CzechBoys and at first I laughed but I thought what could be better than the marriage of my two loves – boys and computers! I knew from the beginning that I had two goals in mind – to always bring the most beautiful boys I could find to the site and to create a really fun and exciting experience for all you guys who decide to spend your hard earned money to enter the site.

It was rough going at first because we didn’t have a lot of money for fancy designs or expensive equipment (and we still don’t – but at least we’re doing better :). But over the past 8 years the site has been growing and growing with your help. And today CzechBoys is consistently ranked amongst the top 5 gay erotic websites on the internet – not bad considering there are 10,000 gay erotic websites out there!

I do hope I’ll be able to chat with you inside and hope that I can provide for you the horniest time you’ve ever had online!

. Who is Pavel Rada?