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What about your models?

What about your models?

I’ve been asked so many times “WHERE DO YOU FIND THEM” and the answer of course is in the Czech Republic (and sometimes in Slovakia, Russia, Latvia, Romania or Hungary :). We work very hard to make sure that every week you meet one or two or three new fantastic boys or men that are naked and jerking off for you.

Nearly all of our boys are 100% straight! But the whole idea of gay-4-pay takes on a new meaning when it comes to CzechBoys! Part of it comes from an incredibly open minded culture and part of it comes from the after affects of 40 years of communism, but you won’t find 100% str8 boys anywhere in the world that will drop there pants as fast as a CzechBoys model when he knows there’s a ‘reward’ for his efforts!

At the time of this writing, as we near the end of 2006, we’ve filmed over 1300 exclusive videos since 1999 and another 100-200 exclusive CzechBoys videos goes online every year! In hundreds of these videos you can watch our 100% str8 boys sucking and fucking – usually for the FIRST TIME ever!

I’d love to tell you that all our boys are EXCLUSIVE to CzechBoys but unfortunately many of our models have filmed for other sites. But every photo set and video you find in our exclusive collection, the largest exclusive collection of photos and videos available on the internet, is exclusive to CzechBoys. PLUS many of the boys you’ll find inside ARE exclusive to CzechBoys – you won’t find them anywhere else!

We also don’t just stop at showing you some pictures and videos of our boys. All of our boys have a large description of stats and information on their pages. You also have the chance to comment about the boys with other members and contact the models via email. Plus our newest feature has our boys posting their own blogs inside which you can reply to!

When you join CzechBoys you are joining a community of boys and men and the men who love boys and men. Our boys will not disappoint you and they are waiting to meet you inside right now!

. What about your models?