Saturday, May 25, 2019 11:53:34 AM
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Helpe support

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THE ISSUE YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH - Emails are typically replied to within 3 hours, 365 days a year. But there can be circumstances that will cause an email not to be replied to for 72 hours or longer. We have prepared a COMPLETE detailed support system here, based on our 10 years experience with answering your emails and helping you with your concerns. Please use the system completely before contacting us because it will solve 99.99999% of all the problems or questions you have. If you have gone through this system and still need support, there will be a contact form to email us but again, it may be 3 days or longer to get a personal reply

ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT NOTE - If you would like us to reply to your email please make sure you are not using a spam filter or ensure that all messages from are allowed through your spam filter and through your ISP. The worst ISP is comcast as they routinely mark most regular emails as spam so this is especially important for subscribers. We urge all users to switch their ISP or contact them daily to ensure they are not deleting your mail which they most often do.

FINAL IMPORTANT NOTE - We recommend that ALL web surfers use the Mozilla web browser which can be downloaded for FREE at - it is a FAR SUPERIOR browser to Microsoft Internet Explorer and will cause you many less problems while you surf the internet

Helpe support. Helpe support