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Help and support system

I'm a member but i've forgotten my username and password

Please visit and you can change your username and/or password. If you joined via please visit

Do you really offer everything that is shown on your home page and tour?

OF COURSE! CzechBoys is one of the oldest and largest gay adult websites on the internet, only a few websites that started before CzechBoys are still online - because they were run by disreputable people just trying to make some fast money. CzechBoys continues to grow and grow EVERY DAY because we are here ONLY to make sure you are entertained and turned on every day of the year! So in addition to one of the largest collections - if not the largest collections - of archived exclusive and licensed content, CzechBoys puts a NEW ISSUE ONLINE EVERY DAY with between 5 and 15 new erotic updates and so much more fun and interesting things as we are the internet's only gay erotic daily magazine

Do you put any DRM or restrictions on your video downloads?

NO. ALL of our exclusive and licensed videos are available for you to download free of any viewing restrictions!

What is the file size and streaming/download bitrates of your videos?

Our videos are offered to you in many streaming and download formats. Quicktime, Windows Media and Flash. The videos stream at FULL SIZE DVD QUALITY for those with broadband internet. Our downloadable videos are also FULL SIZE DVD QUALITY, plus we also offer downloads for your mobile devices - all free of charge and free of any viewing restrictions! The download rates are based on your internet connection, we put no limits to the speed of your download.

Do you offer downloadable zip files of your photo galleries?

YES, all of our photo sets are available for download in convenient zip files

Do you allow the images to be saved or do you take methods to prevent this?

You can save all the images inside the members area individually, one by one, or you can choose our convenient option of saving all our photo sets downloadable zip files!

What is the image size for your photos?

Nearly all of our exclusive CzechBoys model sets are at 1600x1200 solution, some of our oldest models from 1999 and 2000 are of low quality but they represent a very small percentage of the over 100,000 EXCLUSIVE CzechBoys photos available to you

Do you allow download managers?

Unfortunately NO, you can download as many pictures and videos you would like during the course of your membership but the use of any download manager will result in the blocking of your account

Will I be able to download videos and view them on my Mac?

YES, of course, our site AND our videos AND our video downloads are all compatible with Macs, Macbooks, Mac OS and the Safari browser.

Why can I view no more previews?

As much as we love to help you get off, we do need to pay the models for their work. So after you've had a chance to confirm the quality of our models and videos, we need you to join the CzechBoys family to support our models and the work we do.

Help and support system. Help and support system